Certificate Course in Business Writing

Duration: 4 months

Eligibility: Any graduate

About the Course:
This course is designed for new business writers and for those with some prior experience. The course is aimed to train writers to get complete understanding on the processes and procedures followed in business organizations for content generation. The course also covers training on mass media writing.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of the business objectives and promotional messages
  • Adopt tested techniques for effective business communication
  • Understand the impact of mass media promotion
  • Differentiate content development for different media purposes

Why Choose Us

      • Team with real-time experience in Corporate Organisations
      • Rich knowledge in teaching and training with corporate outlook
      • Hands-on expertise in training with industry case studies
      • Authentic knowledge on various tools and applications used in Business / Marketing Communication
      • Customized support

Prerequisites for the Course

      • Good Communication Skills
      • Flair in English Writing
      • Prior knowledge about business industries / domains
      • Good amount of knowledge on Corporate Organisations in terms of branding, promotion, Public Relations, Events and Campaigns

Course Details

      • Introduction to Marketing Communication
      • Marketing Communication Life Cycle
      • Techniques in Information Collection
      • Usage of creative communication
      • Branding and its impact on writing
      • Writing for Corporate Promotions / Presentations
      • Writing for Public Relations
      • Writing for Web & Social Media
      • Writing for Marketing Collaterals
      • Portraying business objectives through Content
      • Delivering content in different formats

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