Certificate Course in Technical Writing

Duration: 3 months

Eligibility: Any graduate

About the Course:
This course is designed for new technical writers and for those with some prior experience. The course is aimed to train technical writers in understanding the various technologies and their communication purposes. The course trains how to develop document templates, utilize tools and applications, and appreciate different type of technical documents.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of the technology developments
  • Aim the technical documents for different levels of users/audience within the value chain of development/service
  • Understand the usage of each type technical document

Course Details

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Document Development Life Cycle (DDLC)
  • Coordination with development teams and subject matter experts
  • Understanding the technology
  • Adopting techno-centric vocabulary
  • Templates and Table of Contents for Technical Communication
  • Capturing GUI into documents
  • Document Version and Release Control
  • Tools and Application for Technical Writing
  • Writing User Manuals
  • Developing Installation Guides
  • Compiling Troubleshooting Manuals
  • Writing Process Documents
  • Writing Technical Support Documents
  • Writing APIs
  • Developing Operation Manuals
  • Developing Online Help
  • Delivering documents in different formats

Tools and Applications

Tools to better support and perfection
We train you in the following documenting, authoring, designing and composing tools and application, according to the course you wish to undergo:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Visio
  • Photoshop
  • SnagIT
  • RoboHelp
  • Framemaker
  • FrontPage
  • Dreamweaver

Why Choose Us

      • Team with real-time experience in IT industry
      • Rich knowledge in teaching and training with corporate outlook
      • Hands-on expertise in training with industry case studies
      • Authentic knowledge in various tools and applications used in Technical Documentation
      • Customized support

Prerequisites for the Course

      • Good Communication Skills
      • Flair in English Writing
      • Good amount of knowledge on IT Industry in terms of Product / Application / Process / Service Development
      • Prior knowledge about technology development

Training Methodology

We follow Workshop Style in rendering the Technical Writing Training:

  • Workshop Mode
    We use the most dynamic and live workshop mode of teaching.
  • Individual / Group Assignments
    We encourage students to keenly engage in understanding concepts through hands-on, small-group and individual assignments and explorations, using real-time examples for content development scenarios.
  • Equal Participation
    We enable the trainees to explore and master concepts in a more effective manner. It helps us to create an equal participation environment in which the learner is more likely to be involved and motivated. This style essentially creates learning experiences that guide, direct, and facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge by the learners.

We involve learners in interesting and interactive exercises almost on daily basis to make learn various minutiae aspects of content development. Some of the exercises include:

  • Do-it-Your Self Practice Sessions
    In these sessions, learners have to apply the theoretical inputs into practice to see on how to develop content for various technical cases.
  • Learn by Example models
    Each trainee will be given a hypothetical technical document as example. By following it, they need to build their own document based on the need, situation, etc.
  • Document Updations / Reviews
    Document updations and reviews are also very important in Technical Documentation, hence we emphasize on involving learners to understand the existing technical documents and do the necessary amendments.

At ContentMentor, we enable Live environment with:

  • Experienced Trainers
    Our trainers have rich domain expertise in training and team management and content development for various prestigious international projects and organizations from diverse business verticals.
  • Project Orientation
    We encourage learners to undergo compulsory project at the end of the course to give them more effective exposure. This approach rightly helps them in applying concepts in real-time projects.
  • Total Guidance
    We provide learner with complete support to learn concept in real-time manner with all needed guidance and motivation.

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