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ContentMentor exemplifies the art of creative / copy writing for unique promotions.

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Striking scripts enable the message delivered for effective promotion with better impact.

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Creative content gets quick attention from the target audience & influence them thoroughly.

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Copywriters collect inputs and creative brief from valued clients on offerings and services.

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Such inputs drive us to transform them into creativity-driven content for better results.

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ContentMentor enables increased ROI by delivering apt content for effective campaigns.

ContentMentor Creative Content Writing Services

We offer best-in-class Creative Content Writing Consulting Services to different clients. We provide business organizations to carve competitive excellence and business sustenance through our customized content writing support services. Our support services are powered with real-time service delivery models.

At ContentMentor, we are committed to provide industry-driven creative writing training for beginners and working professionals. We ensure to provide right amount of real-time knowledge, processes, delivery models and all other related techniques for effective Creative Communication.

We encourage our creative writers to improve their writing skills, business intelligence and creative competencies. Our consultants and professional experts are equipped with expertise in their chosen areas with detailed understanding of the branding, promotion, marketing and advertisements along with real world experience.

Certificate Course in Creative Writing

Duration: 2 months

Eligibility: Any graduate


  • Good Communication Skills
  • Adequate understanding on Advertisements / Corporate Film making
  • Flair in English Writing

About the Course:
This course is suitable for new writers and for those with some prior experience. The course is designed to strengthen your writing skills and understanding the writing techniques. The main emphasis is on making your own writing style through experiment, practice and constructive feedback.

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ContentMentor has developed Logic of Logo for Telangana State Government

Telanagana LogoTelanaga Official Emblem is shown in round shape clearly represents unity, protection, wholeness and infinity. The emblem is made with two evident colors Gold and Green. The Light Gold colored circle symbolizes the noble intention of Government in transforming the Telangana as Bangaru (Golden) Telangana. It denotes the government outlook for continuous progress, accomplishment and positive approach for integrated development.

The Emblem is made with more emphasis on Green color which indicates the primary motive of the Government to bring in comprehensive growth, establish peace and tranquility everywhere, enable modern living and restore its citizens back to a sense of wellbeing.

“Telangana Government” is inscribed in English, Telugu and Urdu which shows the intent of the Government to use three languages in a balanced manner in day-to-day governance.

Four Asiatic Lions standing back to back with the adage “Satyameva Jayate” signifies power, courage, pride and confidence.

The mix of Kakatiya Kalathorana (Arch) and Charminar reflect two of the popular and rich Telangana motifs which include the wholesomeness and reflect the true multicultural spirit of Hyderabad City. Kakatiya Arch represents Kakatiya Dynasty ruled this region during 1083 CE to 1323 CE. This historical arch is also called as Warangal Gate.

The Charminar Symbol denotes a monument and a landmark that has become one of the global icons of Hyderabad, listed among the most recognized structures of India. It was widely accepted that Charminar was built at the center of the city, to commemorate the eradication of plague during the late 15th century. The idea of including these two historical monuments is to accentuate the forethought of Telangana Government that is dedicated to enable its citizens towards harmonious, prosperous and generous lifestyle.

Overall, the insignia personifies the shared vision of people of Telangana for greater progress and prosperity.

TSGENCO LogoTelanaga State Power Generation Corporation Limited’s emblem is shown with two green colored circles which represent harmony, completeness and eternity. These two green color circles denote growth, prosperity, wellbeing and energized ecosystem that the Telangana Government intends to create for its people.

Inner Circle has a conflux of visuals representing different establishments and infrastructure for solar, hydel and thermal power generation. This ideal mix of imagery symbolizes the comprehensive effort of Telangana State in power generation sector.

Green agricultural fields alongside power projects show the Telangana Government’s intent of transforming Telangana as agriculture friendly state for farmers to realize more yields.

Light blue colored water stream indicates the continuous power generation for domestic and industrial purposes. The use of brown color signifies stability, structure and support. Light blue color symbolizes trust, honesty and loyalty. Black color reflects power and control.

Red colored lightning indicates sharpness and swiftness with which TSGENCO intend to generate power.

Overall, the emblem epitomizes the collective foresight of Telangana Government for effective, continuous and comprehensive power generation.

Telangana Police LogoTelanaga State Police Logo is shown in Shield shape that evidently represents a warrior’s primary piece of defensive equipment. Shield denotes a unique identity for bravery and impeccable sincerity. It also accentuates positive energy in action, warmth in understanding the emotion of citizens, strong willpower in taking courageous decisions and enabling conducive environment for citizens for peaceful life. The Red colored block with the word “POLICE” vibrantly conveys that Telangana State Police is for enabling citizens with wholesome protection day and night.

The emphasis on Black color denotes that qualities like Straightforwardness, Authority and Power.

The Blue color represents the objectives of Telangana State Police such as peace, tranquility, harmony, order, loyalty, cleanliness and confidence.

The Light Gold color symbolizes unique traits of Telangana State Police like success, achievement, triumph, prosperity, quality, prestige, sophistication, value and elegance.

Four Asiatic Lions standing back to back with the adage “Satyameva Jayate” signifies power, courage, pride and confidence.

It is also includes three essential principles Honor, Duty and Compassion with which Telangana State Police intends to operate and offer its support to all citizens.

The symbolism of nested leafs depicts the noble intention of creating lasting relationships and to experience significant change for the better life.

Overall, the insignia personifies the shared vision of instilling security, confidence and peace among the citizens of Telangana State.

TSCHE LogoTelanaga State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) Logo is embedded within 3 layers of circles using Gold and Green colors. Outer circle and inner circles with gold color denote inner wisdom, quality, prosperity and victory. It evidently represents Bangaru Telangana concept. Green colored circle depicts growth, harmony, self-reliance, reliability and practicality with which TSCHE intends to function.

Inner circle is filled with gold color in the shape of stretched hands making a shelter roof. It represents the Telangana Government’s intention of making higher education industry-relevant and world-class with special care and planning.

Inner circle has a white colored Shield Shape that evidently represents distinctive identity and spotless sincerity. The shield shape is included with a Blue colored book that represents peace, professionalism, loyalty, reliability, honor, trust, stability and professionalism. It gives the confidence that TSCHE is destined to nurture knowledge endeavors with quality higher education in Telangana.

Pink colored raising sun is associated with qualities such as compassion, nurturing, future-centric approach, warmth, hope, etc. It symbolizes of the rise of new positive energy in action in the state of Telangana.

The shield shape is planked with Green colored Ribbon embossed with its adage “Knowledge through Equity”. It exemplifies the primary objective of enabling equality for all students to get access for quality education with the right mix of theory and practical orientation.
The name TELANGANA STATE COUNCIL OF HIGHER EDUCATION evidently communicates Telangana Government’s purpose of inculcating peace, harmony and confidence in the lives of young students with world-class higher education.

Overall, the TSCHE Logo epitomizes the collective efforts, intent and vision of imparting industry-ready and quality-driven higher education for students of Telangana.

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